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Until November 30th! Special offer for new subscribers




📅 Campaign period: November 20th - November 30th

Limited time offer! Buy a subscription and LV1 to get twice the normal SOT!

  • If you sign up in November and purchase the UNLIMITED PACK subscription and a LV1 avatar, you will receive twice the usual amount of SOT for the purchase price of the LV1 avatar.
  • To receive the bonus, you must register in November and purchase an eligible product.
  • Important: If you cancel your UNLIMITED PACK subscription within one year, your doubled SOT will be adjusted to the normal amount.

There are also special benefits for those who introduce you!

  • If you introduce this to a new member and they purchase the UNLIMITED PACK subscription and a LV1 avatar during November, you will receive double the normal direct commission on the sale of your LV1 avatar.
  • Direct sales commission is normally 10% of the sales amount, but if you meet the conditions, you will be rewarded with 20% of the sales amount of a level 1 avatar.

Now is the perfect time to introduce SUZUVERSE to your friends and acquaintances and earn extra rewards!

If you have any questions or need more information, please visit our help page here .

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