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Get LV2 and LV4 with our trade-in campaign!




📅 Campaign period: November 20th - November 30th

Take this opportunity to trade in your existing LV1 or LV2 dog and get a LV2 or LV4 dog!

  • When trading in LV1 to purchase LV2, you can trade in up to 3 units and purchase the LV2 at up to 30% less.
  • When trading in a LV2 to purchase a LV4, you can trade in up to one item and purchase the LV4 for up to 33% less.


  • We do not accept credit cards, please pay by bank transfer.
  • Any growth levels of the traded-in dog will be lost at the time of trade-in and will not be carried over.
  • When trading in a dog, if you have multiple dogs, you can choose which one you want to trade in, but we cannot accept changes to the dog after the trade-in.
  • Payment is required by November 30th. Any payments made after the deadline will be void.

If you have any questions or need more information, please visit our help page here .

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